I am thinking of having some new flooring. Do I have to go into your showroom?

You are welcome to come to see us at our showroom, where you can view all our sample books, stock flooring and roll ends. However, we are happy to visit you at your property to measure, show samples and provide a free no obligation quotation if you prefer.

I know the size of my room so do you still need to come out to measure?

If you require us to fit the flooring then we would prefer to visit the property. We will be able to assess the job for access, any furniture to be moved and materials that are required so our fitters are fully prepared to complete the work efficiently.

We do offer a supply only service for customers wishing to purchase flooring to fit themselves and don’t require us to measure. However we are always happy to help with advice and delivery.

Do I have to completely clear the room of furniture?

We do appreciate that this is not always possible. We are able to move furniture or work with a bed/ sofa/ wardrobe, if need be, left in the room. We do however require that personal and small items, e.g. ornaments, pictures, books, bedding etc. are removed. This would be explained by our estimator when he visits.

Will you take the old flooring away?

Yes we can uplift and dispose of the existing flooring. A small charge is made for the service as we have to comply with a waste management contract.

Do I need an underlay?

Certain types of carpet such as woven, action and jute backed do require installing on underlay and grippers. An underlay will provide more comfort underfoot, sound and heat insulation, so it is beneficial if budget allows. Felt backed and gel backed carpets have the alternative option of fitting directly to the sub floor without underlay. This provides quick installation and is less expensive.

Can I use my existing underlay and grippers?

A good quality underlay, like we use, can last for up to 25 years so it can be re used. Our estimator will be able to give advice on the condition of your existing underlay.

Do you offer free fitting on your Sample book ranges?

Our pricing structure is open and honest. As understandably, no fitters work for free we price all our sample books per m2 fitted i.e. fitting has been included. We strive to price competitively offering value for money and excellent service.

When I have chosen my flooring, how long will I have to wait for it to be fitted?

We can get flooring very quickly, with deliveries coming to us every working day. Generally ordering to fitting takes places in approximately 5 – 10 working days. Depending on the flooring availability, size of the job and the current fitting bookings this can sometimes be sooner or longer. We will always do our best to meet your requirements with fitting timescales.

What time will the fitter be coming?

We will provide an approximate arrival time when the fitting date is booked. We regret that it is not always possible to give an exact arrival time with possible delays from travelling or at previous jobs. However, more accurate information on times of arrivals can be given on the day of fitting if required.

How do I pay?

We accept card, cash, cheque and BACS payments. These can be accepted at our showroom. Alternatively cash and cheques can be collected by our fitter. Card payments can additionally be processed by telephone. Our BACS details can be given on request. Full payment is to be made within 7 days of fitting. A 25% deposit payment is subject to our discretion at the time of ordering.

Any other questions?

Please get in touch; we will be happy to help.